PICNet has developed an educational game to help train your staff in infection control… and have some fun while doing it! Let’s Go Viral is a Family Feud-style game that can be played with 8-20 staff members, one game show host, and a show host assistant. The game is a series of questions about infection control, with the two teams competing for points by getting correct answers. Each question is built around a teachable moment;the instruction book and demo video include the educational information for question. The game takes about 45-60 minutes to play (depending on the amount of teaching your staff requires); the game can be shortened by omitting questions. 

LGV Viral Kit contents

The questions are based around the topics of:

  • How infections are transmitted
  • Staff hand hygiene
  • Patient/resident hand hygiene
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Risk assessment
  • Flu/norovirus season
  • …and more.

The feedback we have received from users has been extremely positive:

“I just wanted to let you know that we finished doing the LGV program about 30 minutes ago and it was WONDERFUL!  I’ve started to use it in my bi-monthly orientation classes for new hires and anniversary staff. Both teams had such a good time and I truly feel the lessons they learned are going to be remembered.  Some of it was a review of existing knowledge and for some, it was totally new.  They actually got quite competitive and I loved the energy going on in the room! Thank you so much for developing a fun way for folks to learn. Yayy!” 


Buy or download the kit

You can purchase or download the kit to run this educational workshop yourself, and you can re-use the kit as many times as you like.

LGVinAction_3picsThe (purchased) kit includes:

  • Game cards
  • Game buzzers
  • Game boards
  • Instructions and question/answer key
  • A timeline for planning your IC Week activities
  • A link to a video demo of the game
  • Suggestions for items you can use as prizes
  • A poster to promote the event
  • A box to keep your game kit in
  • Some fun extras

What the kit does NOT include:

  • Prizes (you’ll need to source these yourself)
  • PPE (gloves, gown, masks, eye protection – you can reuse the gowns and eye protection as these are for demonstration purposes only)
  • Batteries (for the buzzers)

The educational game was developed for our visits to residential care facilities, but it is equally applicable to acute care settings. The game is suitable for all staff, including housekeeping and auxiliary.

The game cards and instructions are also freely downloadable from this website if you prefer to print them yourself (you’ll also have to cut and laminate them). The price of our kit is for cost recovery only.


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