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PICNet Website ChangesSep302014

Welcome to the new PICNet website! The site has moved to a new platform, but the content is still the same; just a few pages have been reorganized. You’ll see we have a new Guidelines and Toolkits section, but everything else is in the same place as before. You may, however, need to update any bookmarks you have to our site, as several page URLs have changed.

You can navigate to any page using the menu bar or the search function. Have a look around the new site, and if you encounter any errors please try clearing your cache (instructions below); if you still have trouble finding anything, you are welcome to email or phone us. Please note: if you are on a very old version of Internet Explorer, you may prefer to access the site via Google Chrome.

If you encounter errors:

During the launch of a new website and the propagation process, you may notice some errors or broken features on the site; this is likely do to your web browser caching data and files from the previous website. Clearing your cache should resolve these issues (see instruction links below). Please note that it is typically those that view the site most frequently that may encounter these errors. 

How to clear your cache in:

Thanks, and we hope you like the new site!