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Influenza H3 – US CDC Health AdvisoryApr012019

Dear Colleagues –
The US CDC‎ has issued an official health advisory through their health alert notice (HAN) related to the late-season increase in H3N2 that they are also experiencing, see: https://emergency.cdc.gov/han/han00419.asp 
Note that vaccine effectiveness (VE) against H3N2 viruses is less than 40% on average, including among working age adults. We have highlighted that low H3 VE‎ this season as reported earlier from Europe (see page 13 of our weekly surveillance bulletin, another of which was issued yesterday). FYI, interim findings from Canada are also consistent with low H3 VE this season. 
In that context, note that the US CDC is reinforcing early empiric antiviral treatment for those with suspect or confirmed influenza and this is particularly important for those at high risk of serious influenza A(H3N2) complications, notably elderly adults.
Please share this message as appropriate with your colleagues.
Best wishes,
Danuta Skowronski MD, FRCPC

Epidemiology Lead

Influenza & Emerging Respiratory Pathogens

BC Centre for Disease Control

Ph: 604-707-2511

Fx: 604-707-2516

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