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Infection Control News: Oct 9-12, 2018Oct152018

Researchers from Penn State University analyzed the bacteria in the mouths of 226 2-year-olds and found that a child’s oral microbiota can be used as a tool to predict weight gain during the first two years of their life. News.

From CBC.com: 5 new Ebola cases confirmed in eastern Congo. The current epidemic in Congo’s North Kivu and Ituri provinces has seen 140 confirmed cases since July, 108 of whom have died. News.

From BBC.com: Doctors have been given permission to give a British man with CJD a pioneering treatment, in a world first. News.

Doggone good germ detective visits Trail hospital: Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital was one of seven Interior Health facilities Angus has checked for C.difficile. News

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said they have found 41 cases of enterovirus A71 infections in children this year — a majority of them in the Denver area.  News

USA sees an unusual rise this year in cases of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) in several states. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) said there have been 38 confirmed cases of AFM this year through the end of September.  News

Interbreeding with neanderthals gave humans virus protections. News  

6 kids in Minnesota develop rare ‘polio-like’ illness and officials don’t know why. News.

What works for treating children’s colds? News.

Hand sanitizer might keep you safer from germs than soap and water…from a study that followed 900 kids. News

Three in 10 ticks positive for Lyme, University of Ottawa research shows. News

100 years ago today: Province shut down over fears of Spanish flu. Really good article from CBC with few photos from newspaper articles dating back to 1918. News.

In USA, an estimated 100,000 young children have not had a vaccination against any of the 14 diseases for which shots are recommended, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. News.

Since July, there have been 9 cases of typhus in downtown Los Angeles, 6 of which infected homeless people. Public Health declared an outbreak last wk. There have also been 20 cases in Pasadena this yr, far more than the 5 typically seen there annually. News.   

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