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Infection Control News: Oct 29 – Nov 02, 2018Nov052018

National shortage for hepatitis A, B, and for rabies vaccines. The shortage affects vaccines that people would purchase, so not the publicly-funded ones that we can get through health units or healthcare providers. News.

Health Canada said there have been a total of 33 acute flaccid myelitis or AFM cases reported so far in 2018, including 18 confirmed cases and 15 that are still under investigation. News

The CFIA issued a food recall warning for Janes Pub Style Chicken Burgers after a salmonella outbreak. So far, 1 person in BC, 3 in Alb, 3 in Sask, 1 in Man, 12 in Ont, 2 in Qc, 1 in NB, 1 in PEI & 1 in NF/Lab have become ill. News.

Dr. Emily Newhouse from Vancouver Coastal Health explains how dangerous the flu virus can be and the millions of people who have died from it around the world since being identified in 1918. Video.

Rubella, the contagious disease that can cause pregnant women to miscarry or result in serious birth defects or stillbirth, has officially been eliminated in Australia. News.

Experimental Antibiotic Gives New Hope Against Superbugs in Clinical Trials. News.

One more study showing jet air dryers contribute significantly to number, type and spread of bacteria in washrooms. News.

Okanagan health officials optimistic this season’s flu vaccine will be more effective than last year. News.

Is Climate Change Causing A Rise In Mosquito And Tick-Borne Diseases? News.

Immunize, get informed: How to prepare for the approaching flu season. News.

New flu shot released for people over 65. News.

Dr. Raj Bhardwaj talks about a new study (from UK) about bed sheets contaminated with C-difficile can spread via hospital laundry even after being thoroughly washed. Audio.

International researchers had made a groundbreaking discovery that could revolutionise treatment of dangerous bacterial infections by switching off the bacteria’s ability to replicate itself. This discovery should allow researchers to develop new drugs. News

CDC confirms 10 new cases of rare polio-like neurological condition. News  

Two studies tie early antibiotic exposure to increased obesity risk. News  

You will never see bacteria contained in your waste the same way. Both naturally and genetically modified, they can transform simple molecules into more complex chemicals. News.

Earlier in 2018, researchers from the Toronto U. published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine linking heart attacks & influenza. They discovered that the risk of a heart attack increases 600% within a week of influenza infection. News.

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