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Infection Control News: March 11-15, 2019Mar182019

A mother died of acquired infection (Strep A) in hospital during the postpartum period.  The hospital experienced an Strep A outbreak. News. Learn more about the complicated factors that contribute to the GAS after delivery. Study.

Ebola; Seroprevalence in central Africa. An international team of researchers, hoping to get a better handle on serologic prevalence of Ebola and the geographic range of hemorrhagic fever viruses.Study.

Bacteria ‘trap’ could help slow down antibiotic resistance. News 

A New Discovery Upends What We Know About Viruses: A plant virus distributes its genes into eight separate segments that can all reproduce, even if they infect different cells. News

Vancouver health officials say there’s no shortage of measles vaccine and urge people to get immunized. News.

What dog owners need to know about brucellosis after recent cases in Ontario: The infection can be spread to humans. News.

Audio. Last week, Facebook announced it would lower its search rankings of groups and pages that promote anti-vaccination content. In this audio, CBC explore how social media is being leveraged to sow doubt about the safety of vaccinations, and how it’s creating a hesitancy to vaccinate that threatens us all. Audio.

Tunisia. 12 infants die of hospital-acquired infection. Severe blood infections from tube feedings likely killed the premature babies, the Tunisian Society of Pediatrics said in a statement. News.

DRC reports 2 new Ebola cases. The cases lift the outbreak total to 927, which includes 862 confirmed and 65 probable cases. No new deaths were reported, keeping the fatality count at 584.News.

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