Latest Quarterly Report

MRSA Quarterly Update: Q2 of 2017-2018

Annual Report

Annual Surveillance Report for the fiscal year 2016-2017

Notes on the Data

The MRSA cases in these reports represent inpatients that were admitted to acute care facilities and newly identified with MRSA either as infection or as colonization. The rate of HCA MRSA in this report was not adjusted; comparison of the rates between HAs or between healthcare facilities is therefore not recommended. Many factors can affect the rate of HCA MRSA, such as the intensity of MRSA screening performed by the facility, patients’ exposure history to healthcare and antibiotics, environmental conditions, and prevalence of MRSA in the community.

Population Under Surveillance

The population under surveillance consists of inpatients in acute care facilities in BC. This includes patients admitted to the emergency department awaiting placement (e.g. patients admitted to a service who are waiting for a bed), patients in alternative level of care beds, patients in psychiatric beds, and patients in labour and delivery beds.

Excluded are outpatient visits to acute care facilities, patients in extended care beds housed in acute care facilities, and patients with short-term emergency room admissions.

MRSA Surveillance Protocol