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Opinion articles: preparedness for the next ‘pandemic’Jul042016

Please note: Articles shared on the PICNet website do not necessarily represent the views of PICNet; we are posting these for your interest, and to present viewpoints that may bear consideration in provincial discussions.

Two recent opinion articles of interest regarding pandemic preparedness:

Jim Yong Kim: A plan to deal with the next pandemic
The Washington Post
Jim Yong Kim is president of the World Bank Group

Annie Sparrow: Who isn’t equipped for a pandemic or bioterror attack? The WHO
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Annie Sparrow, a pediatrician and public health expert, is an assistant professor and deputy director of the Human Rights Program at the Arnold Global Health Institute at Mount Sinai in New York. Her extensive public health work has taken her to Afghanistan, Chad, Sudan, Kenya, and Somalia. Since 2012, her focus has been on the humanitarian and human rights catastrophe in Syria.

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