Infection Control News: Aug 20-24, 2018Aug272018

From Globalnews: Can you die from a dog lick? Veterinarian Dr. Ted Morris talks about a rare and potentially deadly bacterial infection that can come from a dog or cat lick. Video.

Europe sees sharp rise in measles: 41,000 cases, 37 deaths. News

Pregnancy planning for HIV-positive patients. For pregnant women, the chance of transmitting the HIV to the baby is nearly zero. Absolute zero could be achieved if the patient is under antiretroviral therapy before pregnancy and if viral load remains low. News

What is PANDAS? It’s a rapid onset of obs.-compulsive disorder caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus. It cause an initial autoimmune reaction producing a-bodies that interfere with basal ganglia function. Health information. Family testimony

Women should avoid performing animal birthing and breeding activities during pregnancy and also should not handle dogs giving birth or their newborn puppies. See why here. News

Today is…world mosquito day. Find 5 of the deadliest diseases spread by mosquitoes. News.  

Hospital patients who acquire candidemia—a blood infection caused by the fungus Candida that has a high mortality rate—have a 1 in 10 risk of also having Clostridium difficile. Study

For the 2nd wk, CDC has confirmed 4 cases of variant H1N2 flu. The only other variant reported this yr was a H3N2v. The new cases involved exposure to swine at a fairs. Early identification of novel flu viruses are critical so PH measures can be taken. Report

From CIDRAP: 13 health workers infected in DRC Ebola outbreak. Health workers were one of the main factors in the rapid spread of the disease during the 2013-2016 outbreak in West Africa. News

Improperly sterilized medical equipment at London clinics prompts call for HIV and Hepatitis testing. News

Boil water notice issued for Cornwallis Park. A boil water advisory has been issued for the Cornwallis Park area Tuesday after E. coli was detected in a water sample. About 300 water customers are affected. News

West Nile Virus found in Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex mosquitoes again. This is the third time this month traps across the municipality have tested positive. News

Gut bug enzyme turns blood into type-O. The discovery is enzymes from gut bacteria that can efficiently turn type-A human blood into type-O.
Type-O blood is special because it can be donated to anyone without the risk of a bad mismatch reaction. News

Nouvelle en français: Le scorbut, de retour dans les pays industrialisés. News

Nova Scotia reminds parents to get children vaccinated. News

Scientists have detected West Nile virus in two birds in B.C.’s interior, marking the first time the pathogen has been detected in the province this year. News

Congo approves 4 more experimental treatments as Ebola battle continues. News

Three keys to infection protection. News


Infection Control News: Aug 13-17, 2018Aug172018

The economic cost of antimicrobial resistance per antibiotic consumed: Scientists estimate the economic cost of 5 resistant bacteria to be 0.5B$ in Thailand and 2.9B$ in US. Study

10 ways to control infection in pediatric ambulatory setting. Read more Watch more

New HIV diagnoses in Sask. increase for 3rd straight year.  News

Travellers warned after teen with measles goes through Vancouver airport. News

More than 1,200 infected with measles in Brazil; 6 dead. News

Scientists think cytomegalovirus could lead to heart disease. News

Infections from a dog lick are a risk but very rare. Experts say get medical help fast. News

CDC lauched The Junior Disease Detectives: Operation Outbreak Graphic Novel. CDC, in an innovative way, want to reach younger audiences. It is not just about infectious diseases and flu. Website

Interpreting research evidence: a key skill for IPC, August 16th. Free Webber training. Webinar

Ebola outbreak in Congo includes 39 confirmed and 27 probable cases. Lab testing results have brought the suspected number of cases down to 36 from 58. News

Papua New Guinea record the fourth case of polio in an ongoing vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 outbreak. The disease was absent from the island since 2000. Health officials are investigating 65 suspected cases. Report

Emergence of Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae, South-Central Ontario, Canada. Researchers suggest that because for a substantial proportion of patients, CPE acquisition is from Canada. Study

MERS-Cov Study. The aim was to describe direct & indirect contact with dromedaries among cases between 2015-18, & then separately for primary, non-primary, and unclassified cases. more detail about the type of contact in this study.

CFIA’s Food Recall Report. Reason for Recall: Listeria monocytogenes. Product: Randsland brand Broccoli Slaw. Recalling Firm: Randsland Farms Inc.  Distribution: Nova Scotia. Report

In Clinical infectious diseases: Acquisition of MRSA during hospitalization could increases the risk of subsequent infection after discharge. Study




Infection Control News: Aug 6-10, 2018Aug102018

In JIP: study evaluated the cost & value of multidisciplinary team to investigate C. difficile cases. Cost was evaluated to be between 42K$ – 84K$ over 2 yrs. Study concluded that those meeting bring limited value in additional learning/quality improvement. Study

Congo health officials link Ebola to 33 deaths. News

Inuk woman ‘begging and pleading’ for help fighting tuberculosis in Nunavut. News

1 in 7 children of Zika-infected moms in U.S. suffer birth defects or other health problems. News

China orders recall from overseas as vaccine scandal churns. News

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health uploaded information on their website. 30 new MERS-COv case were detected. 11 cases are from Najran and were detected in late May and early June. 9 cases were recorded in July. Info

Increase in Echovirus 30 in Europe. E30 is a virus that causes aseptic meningitis outbreaks. Outbreaks occur every 5-6 yr. The transmission route of current infections is unknown. However, they usually transmit through faecal-oral or oral-oral routes. Event

From CIDRAP: Hospital MERS outbreak threat. WHO said the epidemiology of the virus hasn’t changed, but concerns persist about ongoing hospital-related outbreaks. The virus is found in 4 countries: Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. News

Flu activity in southern hemisphere: flu remained elevated in South America & started to decrease in Southern Africa. It remained below seasonal threshold in Australia and New Zealand. Activity appeared to decrease in some countries of tropical America. WHO flu report

Flu vaccine: A study used 17 yrs of data to determine that a close match occurs only 11% to 21% of the time, depending on the strain and vaccine. Study

From CBC: Winnipeg experiencing unparalleled spike in infectious syphilis rates. News

From Hamilton Spectator: What you need to know about hand foot, mouth disease. News

From Hamilton Spectator: West Nile virus ‘well established’ in Niagara. West Nile virus is a risk across the peninsula, not just in Pelham. News

In Should you refrain from drinking out of an aluminum can?

Bacteria and other germs are present on the rim of a can…but it should not refrain you to drink out of aluminium can. News

A new case of ceftriaxone-resistant gonorrhea has been found in Alberta. This is the 2nd reported case in Canada since 2017. The CGSTI recommend gentamicin IV or IM with azithromycin PO.
Clinical information about first case here. Recommended treatment here

1 in 7 children > 1 yrs that were born from women with confirmed or potential Zika infection during pregnancy were identified as having a birth defect, neurodevelopment abnormality, or both. Some of these issues were not noticeable at birth. Study

From a retrospective study (2008-2011). a relationship exist between colonization of the gut with ESBLE (extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing Enterobacteriaceae) and subsequent VAP related to ESBLE. Study

From International Journal of Epidemiology, a study from Manitoba has found no clinically significant association between early life antibiotics exposure & the risk of autism. Study

What is mathematical modelling and how it could help in preventing infection? Video

Management of chronic hepatitis C: 2018 guideline update from the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver. Guideline


Infection Control News: July 30-Aug 3, 2018Aug062018

No timeline to reopen 6 Metro Vancouver beaches closed due to E. coli levels. News  

Rare two-day protest over China vaccine scandal reveals public anger. News  

B.C. health officials issue warning to parents after China recalls vaccines. News

Child becomes first Manitoban infected with West Nile Virus in 2018. News.

After Ottawa, it is now London’s turn to have a mosquito found positive for West Nile virus. News.

How do local officials track West Nile virus among Mosquitoes? Video

Dengue fever outbreak halted by release of special mosquitoes. Insects unable to transmit viruses halted disease in Australian city – now scientists hope same technique could help tackle Zika and malaria. News

A new species of Ebola virus has been detected in bats in the north part of Sierra Leone. it is not known if the virus, named Bombali, can be transmitted to people. But lab tests suggest that it has the potential to enter human cells. News.

A Taiwanese study found that harboring multi drug resistant Gram- bacteria will significantly increases the risk for subsequent MDRGNB infection and mortality after hospitalization. Study.

Two studies led by McGill University Health Centre in Canada, one in adults and the other in children, have trialled a less toxic drug than the one in current use worldwide for latent TB and cut the treatment time from nine months to four. News

Active substance raises hopes of curing hepatitis E. News

Tackling the Antibiotic Resistance Caused by Class A β-Lactamases through the Use of β-Lactamase Inhibitory Protein. Journal

There are two dogs in the world trained to sniff out C. difficile — and both of them are in B.C. Find more about them in this article. News.

Hepatitis C drug Ganovo won a top clinical research award due to its successful performance in a phase 3 trial. News

CDC Vital Signs: Containment of Novel Multidrug-Resistant Organisms and Resistance Mechanisms — United States, 2006–2017. Article  

From ICHE in the July issue: Different Types of Heater-Cooler Units (HCU) and Their Risk of Transmission of Mycobacterium chimaera During Open-Heart Surgery: Clues From Device Design. Result: all infected patients were associated with a specific HCU. Study.

Paramedics and hospital staff at a Denver hospital in Colorado, were dressed head-to-toe in protective suits Sunday as a possible case of Ebola made its way to the hospital. See more in the video. News.

Simulation reveals that USA is NOT ready for severe pandemics. It was designed to pinpoint challenges in preparedness & current policies. 20 wks after the fake outbreaks, 150M people were dead worldwide, including 15M in US. News.  

700,000 deaths occur annually from infections by resistant bacteria. By 2050, projected rate could reach 10 M deaths/yr. From economic standpoint, AMR is devastating. The cost of lost global production between 2014 & 2050 is predicted to be 100 trillion. News.  

Congo announces 4 new cases of Ebola a week after outbreak in north declared over. News.