Infection Control News: May 13 – 17, 2019May212019

California’s tightened rules pay off against measles. News

Ebola could spread if ‘violent attacks’ continue in Congo, WHO warns. News

C. difficile sniffing springer spaniel is making hospitals safer. News

Alaska officials fear tuberculosis spread at religious event. News

WORLD. Rift valley fever (RVF) outbreak on Mayotte. A RVF outbreak in the French overseas territory of Mayotte has resulted in 129 lab-confirmed human cases and 109 animal foci, since 11/2018. News

MERS-CoV. Saudi Arabia reported 1 more MERS-CoV case, which involves a 70 yo woman from Riyadh, the country’s capital. Saudi Arabia has confirmed 138 MERS cases so far this year. News

Read also the Situation update from WHO. Report

EDUCATION. Rickettsial diseases are spread by ticks & mites. In Canada, the only rickettsial disease observed to occur is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which it is on the rise in the U.S.  CDC created an online education module to inform clinicians about RMSF. Educational information

More info about rickettsial diseases from British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC). Health info

How climate change could make your food less safe to eat. According to a recent report from the Public Health Agency of Canada, it could mean more frequent outbreaks of food-borne illness. News

To go along with the previous post, a recent Canadian study  suggested that climate change could lead to more houseflies, which could spread food-borne pathogens. News


Infection Control News: April 29 – May 3, 2019May062019

U.S. measles outbreak raises questions about immunity in adults. News

Antibiotic stewardship: the UN, international agencies, and experts today released a groundbreaking report demanding immediate, coordinated and ambitious action to avert a potentially disastrous drug-resistance crisis. News

H3N2 viruses mutate during vaccine production but new tech could fix it. News

U of Sask. could help prepare for outbreaks by producing human vaccines for Canada, centre director says. Canada relies on foreign supplies during outbreaks. News

Canada-wide salmonella outbreak linked to sweet treats: Food Inspection Agency. News

Health Canada’s drug safety warnings not consistent with other countries’: Report. Antibiotics are among the most common drugs associated with adverse drug reactions. News

Canadian Institutes of Health Research provides $4M for Lyme Disease study. News



Infection Control News: April 22-26, 2019Apr292019

Vaccine-hesitant parents should view HPV shot as preventing cancer not just STI, say experts. News.

“U = U” means Undetectable = Untransmittable. Public health officials are promoting a campaign designed to change the way people think about HIV. News.

The WHO says Malawi has become the 1st country to begin immunizing children against malaria, using the only licensed vaccine to protect against the mosquito-spread disease. News.

EBOLA. Using their immunity, Ebola survivors play special role in Congo outbreak. Survivors can spend entire days exposed to patients, without having to wear protective gear. News.

On National Immunization Awareness week, this is the story of a Surrey school that tops the country when it comes to helping the world get vaccinated. News.

A man is facing charges for allegedly manufacturing & selling products that Health Canada says could have posed serious health risks. The product was contaminated with E. coli, which could pose serious health risks for those with a weakened immune system. News.

Gonorrhoea, syphilis rates skyrocket in N.W.T. News.

Blood tests on patients at a dental clinic have come back negative following concerns they may have been exposed to bloodborne viruses a year ago after health officials discovered improper sterilization of clinical equipment. News.

The DRC health ministry reported another rise in Ebola cases, raising the overall total to 1,353, according to its daily update. News


Infection Control News: April 8-12, 2019Apr152019

Telemedicine tied to more antibiotics for kids. Kids seen via telemedicine visits were far more likely to be prescribed antibiotics than those who went to a doctor’s office or clinic, according to a new study. News.

Blood culture. Higher volumes of blood results in greater organism recovery, and, some studies suggest,  increase in the positivity rate. Study.

Two new cases of measles have been confirmed on Vancouver Island, bringing to 25 the number of recent infections in British Columbia. News.

Deadly fungus immune to drugs secretly sweeps the globe. News.

Early detection could avert the dangers of sepsis. See this article from CBC here. News.

Plus, have a look on a study just published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows on how to speed up the diagnosis. Study.

A study, published in JAMA Psychiatry, reveals that some infections in childhood could lead to the development of mental illness later in life. News.

Ebola in DRC. 10 news cases lift the outbreak total to 1117 & health officials are still investigating 295 suspected cases. The DRC’s fatality count has now reached 702. News.

From Radio-Canada: 2 doctors from Ont. & NS have received death threats for publicly defending the benefits of vaccination. The Federal government, itself the target of aggressive messages, is concerned by the strong polarization of Canadians on this subject. News.

Video. Health officials have yet to find the source of a widespread, deadly salmonella outbreak in Canada. Video.

Yemen. Why didn’t vaccine reach Yemen during the largest cholera epidemic in recorded history?News.

An Ottawa cancer patient who contracted measles despite being vaccinated is expressing her anger at people who have deliberately decided not to protect themselves. News.

Plenty of people this time of year are sneezing and sniffling and it’s hard to know if you need an antihistamine or another kind of remedy. Globalnews explains ways to interpret your symptoms.News.

New York. Officials warn parents against ‘Measles parties’ at a press conference, wherein unvaccinated children are intentionally exposed to the virus. News.

An analysis of a 2017 Ebola outbreak in a remote part of DRC involved a novel variant of the virus. According to a new study, the variant is closely related to the initial Mayinga variant isolated in 1976–1977. Study.

In; From a small study, 1/3 of HCW acquired a MDRO during a patient encounter. News.

Scientists have mapped the genome of a strain of cholera extracted a century ago from a sick British soldier during World War I and found clues to how some cholera bacteria strains cause epidemics today. News.

6th case of measles confirmed on Vancouver Island. People who visited Saanich shopping centre on March 26 or 27 may have been exposed. News.

Virus that can kill rabbits in just 1 day returns to Vancouver Island. Rabbit hemorrhagic disease is an extremely infectious and lethal disease in rabbits. Humans and other animals, including dogs and cats, cannot be infected. News.

Promising results from a phase 3 trial of a novel drug for treating invasive Candida auris, a multidrug-resistant fungus that has triggered deadly outbreaks in healthcare facilities around the world, with mortality rates as high as 60%. News.

Mozambique: A cholera vaccine campaign launched in Mozambique last week has reach 800,000 people. The country declared an outbreak in late March, & since then more than 3,577 cases & 6 deaths have been reported. News.

Congo’s Ebola outbreak might be declared global emergency. News.

If you were born between 1970 and the early 1990s, you likely received at least one dose of the measles vaccine. But you may not be fully protected. News.

Research scientist says ticks have spread from throughout Manitoba in last 13 years. News.

Dr. Allison McGeer & Anna Maria Tremonti discuss about what needs to be done to fight Candida auris. Read the transcript  or listen by clicking ‘listen’ near the top of the page to hear the full conversation. News.