Infection Control News: Sept 24-28, 2018Oct012018

Toronto Public Health confirmed 27 human cases of West Nile virus this summer. News.

In Winnipeg, clean needle distribution continue to raise, but efforts are still needs in order to dispose of them safely. In one location, they found more than 1300 dirty needles. News.

A long-awaited inquiry has opened in the UK into how contaminated blood was used to treat thousands of people in the 1970s and ’80s, killing at least 2,400. News

One pill can prevent HIV. Can another prevent syphilis? Some researchers think the same antibiotic that treats syphilis could also prevent it. News

Interplay between Cellular Metabolism and Cytokine Responses during Viral Infection. Journal

What is acanthamoeba keratitis? It is a rare eye infection, more likely among contact wearers. Find more in this article from GlobalNews. News.

Puppies spread the Campylobacter outbreak across 18 states. News

In PEI, Prince County Hospital restricting visitors due to gastrointestinal illness. News.  

The war against drug-resistant superbugs – a collaborative approach. Find out how LifeArc’s research into gram negative bacteria is contributing to the Pew Trust’s Shared Platform for Antibiotic Research and Knowledge. News

An experimental vaccine or revaccination with primary bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) did not protect against tuberculosis (TB) infection in South African adolescents. Journal  

Newborn syphilis cases in US reach highest level in 20 years. News.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that the Ebola outbreak in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo could deteriorate rapidly because of attacks by armed groups. Find more in this article of GlobalNews. News

In NS, the new high dose flu vaccines will be provided to those living in long term care facilities this fall. Video news.

A man who worked at a federal government office building in Gatineau (QC), has died of legionnaires’ disease. This bacteria was also detected in the same building in 2015. News.

A 56-year-old man from Hong Kong has developed the world’s first human case of rat hepatitis E. Find more in this article from BBC. News

It could happen again! Up to 500 million people – about 1/3 of the world’s population – became infected with the deadly 1918 influenza virus. The WHO and the CDC predict influenza pandemics are nearly certain to recur. News


Infection Control News: Sept 17-21, 2018Sep212018

Taking probiotics to reduce the risk for common acute infections might also be linked with a reduction in antibiotic use among children and infants, according to a meta-analysis published in the European Journal of Public Health. News

UMN researchers discover influenza virus doesn’t replicate equally in all cells. News

Experimental nasal influenza vaccine tested in kids, teens: NIH-supported Phase 1 trial of potential broadly protective vaccine. News

Optimized arylomycins are a new class of Gram-negative antibiotics. Journal

Vancouver lab hopes E. coli treatment could help cure Crohn’s disease. News.

A naturally occurring antibiotic active against drug-resistant tuberculosis. News

Scientists warn of global crisis over failure to tackle tuberculosis. With 10 million new cases each year, outcome of UN summit in New York could prove crucial. News

Telehealth promotes antimicrobial stewardship in rural settings. NewsUS CDC announces global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) challenge. CDC website

Organ wait list shortcut: Patients accepting kidneys, hearts infected with hepatitis C. News

Scientists develop ‘cooling’ protective suits for Ebola workers. News

Zimbabwe’s cholera outbreak kills 30; Amnesty International blames govt’s healthcare system for epidemic. News

Could “nudging” primary care physicians improve influenza vaccine uptake?—Public Health Watch News

Scientists are turning Zika virus into a weapon against brain cancer. News

Puppies spread antibiotic-resistant infections to 118 people, CDC reports. News


Infection Control News: Sept 10-14, 2018Sep142018

Study finds influenza vaccine may be more effective in females than males.  News

ONA wins second decision on “unreasonable and illogical” Vaccinate or Mask influenza policies. News

Antidepressants may cause antibiotic resistance. News

Wal-mart in Surrey, BC that closed over concerns of Legionnaires’ disease reopens. Fraser Health has confirmed seven cases of Legionnaires’ disease in Surrey, all clustered in the Guildford neighbourhood. News with videos

A new antibiotic uses sneaky tactics to kill drug-resistant superbugs. News |  Journal

Scientists have discovered a new micro-organ hiding in our immune system. A structure that “remembers” past infections and vaccinations—and is filled with immune cells of many kinds which respond to pathogens that the body has encountered before. News | Journal

Common antibiotic slays superbug: By adjusting the antibiotic used to treat antibiotic-resistant strains of the superbugs Klebsiella and E. coli, researchers were able to reduce patient fatality rates from 12.3 per cent to 3.7 per cent. News

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new drug for people who have been exposed to measles and hepatitis A viruses. This could be especially good news for older adults who are more likely to suffer from weakened immune systems and thus have more difficulty fighting off infections. News

Rare antibodies show scientists how to neutralize the many types of Ebola. News

New technique reveals how Zika virus interacts inside our cells. Discovery could enable development of new anti-viral therapies. News

Zika virus strips immune cells of their identity: New lab technique for separating infected and uninfected cells helps reveal how Zika virus manipulates the human immune system. News

First Case Of Monkeypox Diagnosed In The UK: The patient is a Nigerian national who was staying at a naval base in Cornwall. News

A research team has revealed how cells in different parts of the human airway vary in their response to the common cold virus. Their finding could help solve the mystery of why some people exposed to the cold virus get ill while others don’t. News

Eosinopenia and Adverse Outcomes After Clostridium Difficile Infections. Journal  

Zimbabwe cholera outbreak: State of emergency declared. At least 20 people have died in a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, and two thousand have been infected, with the number of cases growing daily. News

Measles alert issued for Skookum festival, other Vancouver locations: Individual who attended the festival is confirmed to have the highly infectious disease. News  


Infection Control News: Sept 4-7, 2018Sep102018

Having to pay for your own shingles vaccine isn’t ageism, BC tribunal rules. News

8 stories you should read during Sepsis Awareness Month. News

B.C. health researchers advance HIV progress with new method addressing dormant strains. News  

There are currently 1.2M Canadian children living in low-income housing. 25% of them did not received full recommended doses of diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus vaccine by the age of 2. Find more about this National Study for Canadian children. News.

There’s a new antibiotic in town, and we can create it in the lab. News  

New Ebola virus found in bats, potential to infect humans. News

USPSTF recommendation statement on screening for syphilis infection in pregnant women. News  

Antibiotic resistance: 8,000 new drug combinations are effective. News  

Synthetic DNA vaccine effective against influenza A virus subtype. News

Reducing healthcare-associated infections incidence by a probiotic-based sanitation system: A multicentre, prospective, intervention study. Journal

Company that calls vaccines ‘chemical stressors’ under scrutiny by college of chiropractors. News.

India’s flood-ravaged Kerala state is facing shortages of a drug that fights leptospirosis after the worst flooding in a century, forcing authorities to turn to other states to help ramp up supplies. News.

Whooping cough is making a comeback. Here’s why. News. More info from

10 people who fell ill on Emirates flight to New York appear to have the flu, officials say. News.

From Cockroach infestations on the rise in Edmonton and they’ve become, number-wise, probably as problematic as bedbugs these days. News.

Ebola in Congo: Experts worry the outbreak could escalate after a woman died in Butembo, a city of about 1 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. News.

No, it is not the bathroom. A study found respiratory viruses on 10% of surfaces, with security trays as the most common culprit. They are also found at passport checking counters. No respiratory viruses were found on toilet surfaces. Study.

Cholera ruled out after suspect case on Algeria-France flight. News

Compliments chili powder recalled over salmonella risk. News.

A 4 YO girl develops sepsis after trying on shoes without socks — is that possible? This article highlights other causes (other than not wearing socks when trying on new shoes) that could have caused sepsis. News.

From Hepatitis cases unrelated to Stittsville clinic. So far, based on diagnosis dates, clinic procedure dates & risk factors, there is no evidence that cases of hep B or C were due to the IPC lapse at the clinic. News.

Good governance, clean water, & sanitation necessary to curb global antibiotic resistance. News