Infection Control News: December 31, 2018 to January 4, 2019Jan092019

American doctor being monitored in US after possible exposure to the Ebola virus in Congo. News.

Quebec hospitals overflowing as province hit with widespread flu. News.

In this short video, residents of a small Alberta town recall their deadly brush with 1918’s Spanish flu. Video.

Why you don’t need to fear ticks lurking in your Christmas tree. News.

Prince Rupert boil water advisory: Since Dec. 14, 12,000 residents will have to continue boiling their water or using bottled water. Unacceptable levels of cryptosporidium and giardia were detected in water samples. News.

Flu season is here, but it’s not too late for your shot. News.

Hundreds of refugees have crossed into Uganda from Congo in the days since that country’s troubled presidential election, heightening concerns about the possible cross-border spread of Ebola. News.

Scientists have found the most likely source of Yemen’s cholera epidemic, which is the worst in recorded history. Since 2016 the epidemic has affected a million people and caused 2,770 deaths. News.

Diarrhea was the main symptom from that a man experienced after a stay in Kuwait. This report described the man’s symptoms, work-up and care. Report Report.

A study has found that patients in the community who have indwelling urinary catheters, a history of recurrent UTIs, or recent antimicrobial use are at heightened risk for UTIs caused by ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae. Study.

17 Albertans with confirmed cases of influenza have died so far this flu season. News.


Infection Control News: Dec 17-19, 2018Dec202018

Despite the existence of detailed guidelines, this study from Johns Hopkins Hospital identified 103 ways that HCW can potentially self-contaminate while doffing PPE. Study.

There is a growing body of literature that show contamination in the anesthesia work area…resulting in transmission. Anesthesia-specific infection prevention and control policies in the OR are not universal. Guidance.

How long do cold and flu viruses stay contagious on public surfaces? News

Vaccine using microneedle patch with RSV virus, immune-stimulating compound is effective against RSV. News

Canadian food agency recalls some types of cauliflower, lettuce due to E. coli fears. News.

Hedley, B.C. residents have been without safe tap water for a week. News.

C Difficile: A Landscape of Proactive & Reactive Treatment. News 

The DRC confirmed 18 new Ebola cases, including 9 deaths. This bring to 539 cases, (491 confirmed & 48 probable). 315 people died since the outbreak began in August. News.

Highly contagious bugs behind increases to Calgary ER visits. News.


Infection Control News: Dec 10-14, 2018Dec172018

Northern advocates say new HIV guidelines a win. News.

Vancouver – A new science and data centre at Simon Fraser University (SFU) will help researchers use technology to help stop the spread of resistant diseases and much more. News.

South Sudan to begin Ebola vaccinations as ‘very high risk’. News.

Food Recall Report. Reason for Recall:  Salmonella. Product: Canada Herb brand culantro (Ngò Gai). Recalling Firm: Canada Herb. Distribution: Ontario. Food recall report.

Technology helping bring immunization records up to date. News.

Skunk captured in Ayr tested + for rabies. 1 person is receiving treatment after handling another animal that interacted with the infected skunk. Oral vaccine will be dropped for wild animals to eat. Residents should not touch the green coloured pods. News.

Headed to Cuba? Bring repellent. Deadly dengue virus has returned. News.

Antimicrobial stewardship programs have been established in hospitals, but less  in LTCFs, a setting with unique challenges & available resources. Study suggest potential to reduce antimicrobial use in this challenging setting. Study.

Microbes that live at the gym are pumped up on antibiotic resistance. News.

USA: Record number of cases of ‘polio-like’ illness AFM confirmed. There have been 158 cases of the illness in 36 states so far among 311 suspected cases. News.

Study supports indicate that treatment for bacteremia with a 7-day course of antibiotics is non-inferior to a 14-day course. This is a great finding that could have important implications for antibiotic stewardship. Study.

Medical community says Lyme disease is a challenging one in terms of treatment and diagnosis.News

E. coli outbreak from romaine lettuce traced to at least 1 California farm. The PHAC reported 27 illnesses are under investigation in the outbreak as of Dec. 6. In US, 59 people in 15 states are sickened by the tainted lettuce. News.

Plan ahead this holiday season to avoid unnecessary trips to the ER. Our best advise: Get a flu shot & practice good hand hygiene to avoid getting sick over the holidays. News.

BCCDC urges people to get vaccinated as flu season set to worsen. News.


Infection Control News: Nov 12-16, 2018Nov192018

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Antibiotic resistance costing Canada $1 billion per year: IPAC Canada. News

Insect antibiotic provides new way to eliminate bacteria. News

Scouting out bacterial defences to find new ways to counter-attack antibiotic resistance. News

New study sheds light on norovirus outbreaks, may help efforts to develop a vaccine. News

The risk that Ebola will spread to Uganda is now very high. News

Gonorrhea is on the rise, with few options to treat it. News 

A pivotal day in world’s response to Ebola nears: the launch of a clinical trial. News 

Recent incarceration increases HIV and hepatitis C risk for people who inject drugs. News 

Not so fast! Infectious disease specialists are raising concerns about quick tests being used to diagnose conditions like strep throat. CBC radio