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Infection Control News: June 25-29, 2018Jun292018

A new tool called FluVision allows researchers to witness influenza infection in a living animal in action, helping them better understand what happens when a virus infects the lungs and the body responds. News

First mosquitoes carrying West Nile arrive in Winnipeg. News.

Large C. auris outbreak in UK ICU linked to thermometers. News.

NIH-Sponsored Trial of Universal Influenza Vaccine. Journal

Toxic shock syndrome: B.C. teen’s death revives an 80s anxiety. News.

Should Metronidazole Be Recommended for Mild Clostridium difficile Infections? News.

Drug resistance: Is Canada ready for the climate change of human health? News  

‘Natural killer’ immune cells that halt Malaria could hold key to new vaccines. News

Modified polio vaccine helps fight deadly brain tumors. News

The evolving epidemiology of Clostridium difficile infection in Canadian hospitals during a postepidemic period (2009–2015). CMAJ article  

High-Resolution Snapshot of Zika Virus Reveals Clues to Fighting It. News | Journal

Viruses can cause global pandemics, but where did the first virus come from? News

Congo counts down to declaring end to Ebola outbreak. News.

A perspective on the BETR-D UV study. Blog

In AJIC this month: Integrating staff nurses in antibiotic stewardship: Opportunities and barriers. There are multiple barriers that must be addressed before widespread nurse engagement becomes the norm. Study.


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