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Infection Control News: June 11-15, 2018Jun152018

Kitchen towels are full of bacteria — but can they make us sick? The biggest takeaway of this study is how often we should be washing things like kitchen towels. News

All kids should get vaccinated for hepatitis B at birth, experts say. News.

Lungs from hepatitis C-infected donors can be safely transplanted. News.

Reports highlight Klebsiella superbug, other CRE concerns. News.

A microbiological study conclude that single-use and reusable sharps containers pose no risk of transmission of C. difficile. Study.

Polio crippled tens of thousands of Canadians until the Salk vaccine was introduced in 1955. From the Canadian Public Health Association review the story of polio. News.

WHO says Ebola situation in DRC shows promise. News.

CPE are on the rise worldwide. USA guidelines recommend screening for asymptomatic carriers on admission. This study evaluated the benefit of serial screens of CPE and other antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative bacteria following hospital admission. Study.

A systematic approach to quantifying infection prevention staffing and coverage needs. In AJIC (05/2018), this study claim that IPC staffing need to be 31 to 66 percent higher for healthcare organizations to sustain an effective infection prevention program. Study.

Cases of syphilis and gonorrhea on the rise in southern Alberta. News.

Patients being tested for HIV after nurse reused syringes. Researchers strongly recommend against reusing syringes with IV bags. News.

TB outbreak in Nain (Newfoundland and Labrador) soars to 50 cases. News.

Isolating CD carriers during an outbreak is not associated with a shorter outbreak duration. Study.

What circumstances lead to active failures in transmission-based precautions? This study found frequent failures in practices by hospital personnel, including violations, mistakes, and slips. Study.

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