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IPAC news for the week of Sep 13 – 17, 2021Sep212021

Overlaying COVID-19 mitigation plans on malaria control infrastructures. Journal 


Building better tuberculosis control systems in a post-COVID world: learning from Pakistan during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal 


Politicians issue warnings ahead of hospital protests expected across Canada. News


School outbreak revives mandatory vaccines for P.E.I. teachers discussion. News


In a new review, some F.D.A. scientists and others say boosters aren’t needed for the general population. News


China’s strict 21 day quarantine under question after new outbreak emerges. News  


More Albertans are in ICU with COVID-19 than ever — and it’s expected to get worse. News


School-based COVID outbreak in China’s Fujian grows. News


Nigeria deals with its worst cholera outbreak in years; 2,300 people dead. News


Health unit identifies COVID-19 case on Megabus between Toronto and Kingston. News


1 in 500 U.S. residents has died of COVID-19. News


Post-monsoon fever outbreak kills over 100 in Indian state. News   


Calgary to take own measures to act on COVID-19 crisis, saying province ‘doesn’t care’. News


Why should you get the COVID-19 vaccine? Your top questions answered. News


France suspends 3,000 health staff as Europe targets vaccine refusal. News   

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