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IPAC News for the week of January 31 – February 4, 2022Feb072022

A Retrospective Outbreak Investigation of a COVID-19 Case Cluster in a Berlin Kindergarten, November 2020. Journal 


Analysis of a Trichinellosis Outbreak in Poland after Consumption of Sausage Made of Wild Boar Meat. Journal 


Prime Minister Trudeau tests positive for COVID-19. News


Scientists say COVID-19 booster intake is waning, urge Canadians to book their shots. News


Spotify to add advisories to podcasts discussing COVID-19. News    


Truckers and protesters against Covid-19 mandates block a border crossing. Others tried to take meals away from the homeless in Ottawa, shelter says. News


Denmark Covid restrictions lifted despite increase in cases. News


Pfizer asks FDA to allow COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 5. News


COVID-19 Omicron cases peak, experts say, but path ahead uncertain. News


Organisers downplay fears as 11 at Winter Olympics in hospital with Covid. News   


Health officials warn hospitalizations likely to rise after COVID-19 restrictions lifted. News


Watchdog slams ad criticizing COVID border restrictions for comparing travellers to hostages. News  


Vaccinated Canadians who catch COVID-19 can get booster 3 months after positive test: NACI. News


Human rights defenders take issue with hands-off response to recent COVID protests. News


CDC investigates listeria outbreak that left 2 dead, 13 hospitalized. News   

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