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IPAC news for the week of Aug 16 -20, 2021Aug232021

Infection Control Behavior at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Observational Study of a Web-Based Behavioral Intervention (Germ Defence). Journal 


Mass Immunization and Vaccine Hesitancy in Children and Their Families: A Long and Winding Road Ahead to Address without a Second Thought. Journal 


Younger children may be more likely to transmit COVID-19, study says. News


Many Bible Belt preachers silent on shots as COVID-19 surges. News


Federal agents seize thousands of fake covid vaccination cards destined for locations across U.S. News   


Ontario to require COVID-19 vaccination or regular tests for health, education workers: Canadian Press. News


‘We are no longer comfortable’: How Canada’s rising COVID-19 cases have some abandoning back-to-school plans. News


Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines a hot-button issue as election race kicks off. News  


US recommends Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccine boosters – live. News


Broccoli Deli Items Recalled in Canada For Possible Listeria. News


China’s Delta outbreak shows signs of slowing, as variant rages across the world. News


Côte d’Ivoire Ebola outbreak: A second suspected case being investigated. News     


Majority of Canadians support mandatory vaccines, say COVID-19 a top election issue: poll. News


As U.S. promotes booster shots against Covid, moral questions arise over vaccine equity. News


Most Canadians unsympathetic to unvaccinated who get sick with COVID-19, poll finds. News


Ebola, other outbreaks, atop COVID-19, risk straining West Africa health systems -WHO. Journal    

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