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Infection Control News: March 18-22, 2019Mar252019

Canadian experts say prolonged antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease ‘harmful’. News

Children’s noses ‘hold clues’ to serious lung infections. News

Drug-resistant superbugs may have found a new foe in the Irish soil. News

Nearly four in 10 US HIV infections from people unaware of infection. News

Being in outer space can have some odd effects on the body, including triggering dormant herpes viruses to reawaken, according to a recent review study. News

Pacemaker envelope cuts post-surgery infection by 40 percent: Cleveland Clinic study. News

Ukraine measles outbreak tops 30,000 cases year to date. News

Alberta father of boys with weak immune systems pushes for measles vaccinations. News

Pakistan pilots hepatitis C therapy in bid to wipe out silent epidemic. News

Vaxart Commences Bivalent Norovirus Vaccine Phase 1b Clinical Trial. News

The World Health Organization says Ebola has spiked in Congo in recent days because of “increased security challenges. News.

Poverty, deprivation driving up TB rates among Manitoba First Nations. News.

A recall has been added to the CFIA’s Food Recall Report. Reason for Recall:  Salmonella. Product: Janes brand Pub Style Chicken Nuggets. Recalling Firm: Sofina Foods Inc. Distribution: National. Report.

After waiting an extra month to decide on the H3N2 strain, WHO vaccine advisors today finalized their recommendations on strains to include in the Northern Hemisphere 2019-20 flu vaccines. Report.

Why we are all complicit in the rise of the anti-vaxxers. News 

B.C. launches measles immunization catch-up program. The program will run from April to June with the goal of reaching a 95 per cent immunization rate province-wide. News 

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