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Infection Control News: February 25-March 1, 2019Mar042019

Another two measles cases have been reported by Vancouver Coastal Health. News.

How does herd immunity work? A Video from CBC.

YouTube will no longer serve ads on channels that espouse anti-vaccination rhetoric. News.

Bacterial pneumonia was implicated in 43% of all community-based, unexpected infectious disease deaths during a recent 2-yr study in Ont. The most common pathogen identified was S. aureus in 50% of cases. Study.

The DRC health ministry reported a new Ebola case in Beni, coming just 2 days after the former outbreak epicenter had reached the mark of going a full 21-day incubation period without new illness. News.

From Global News; What to do when antibiotics fail? One possible treatment comes from century ago. News.

WINNIPEG—At least 10 infants have been treated for syphilis in Manitoba in the last six months, and the public health office says the methamphetamine crisis could be exacerbating the outbreak. News.  

A St-Louis hospital made 2 changes to reduces urine culture ordered. Their changes led to a 45% reduction in urine cultures without missing any UTIs. Study.

What you need to know about measles in the wake of the latest outbreak in B.C. News.

B.C. doctors are cracking down on some Naturopaths who falsely claim that vaccines contain mercury that can contribute to autism. News.

The recent measles outbreak is prompting the NDP government to move towards mandatory registration of vaccination status for all B.C. schoolchildren. News.

Last year, Thunder Bay experienced a small outbreak of tuberculosis. It’s one of the reasons Doctors Without Borders is hosting a panel discussion about the disease in the city. News.

An ad campaign from a group of open vaccine skeptics represents a “very concerning” development in the ongoing fight against misinformation, Ontario’s health minister said Wednesday. News.

Ebola medical centre attacked in Congo for 2nd time in week. News.

A bacillus has proved fatal to several types of parasitic nematodes, aka roundworm. These parasites affect humans, pets & livestock and some can lead to major losses of crops. Treatments already exist but roundworms are starting to become resistant. News.

A recall has been added to the CFIA’s Food Recall Report.Reason for Recall: Salmonella. Product: Compliments brand Chicken Nuggets. Recalling Firm: Sofina Foods Inc. Distribution : National excluding Quebec. Report.

A recall has been added to the CFIA’s Food Recall Report. Reason for Recall: Clostridium botulinum. Product: Boffo’s brand Applewood Smoked Rainbow Trout. Recalling Firm: Boffo’s. Distribution : Ontario. Report.

At least 4  homeopaths from B.C. advertised a process known as homeoprophylaxis on their websites, suggesting it can protect children from illness as serious as smallpox, cholera and polio. News.

Health experts, Facebook and YouTube play catch-up with anti-vaxxers. News.

Officials see no link between miscarriage risk and flu shots. News.

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