It’s time to prepare for flu season again!

Influenza causes the most deaths among vaccine-preventable diseases and each year across Canada there are approximately 3,500 deaths from the flu and its complications.

Hospitalized patients and seniors in residential care are more vulnerable to the flu than healthy adults. To protect this vulnerable population, in 2012 BC was the first province to implement the Influenza Control Program Policy, which requires health care employees and visitors to our sites to protect patients by either receiving the flu vaccine or wearing a mask in patient care areas during flu season.

The flu shot is safe and effective at preventing illness, especially when used with other infection prevention practices, such as proper hand hygiene and staying home when sick. In addition to protecting patients, it also protects you and your families. For more information, read about the evidence behind the policy and frequently asked questions. Not getting vaccinated? – make sure you know the BC Ministry of Health’s mask policy for flu season.

You can find your staff flu vaccination clinic schedule on your health authority’s intranet (links below). You can also go to your local pharmacy for the flu vaccination; it is free for healthcare workers.

Thank you for helping to protect our patients and fellow team members from the flu.

Staff flu clinic schedules

242.tifThe following links are only accessible to employees within each health authority.

If you are looking for public flu vaccination clinics, you can find the information at Immunize BC.

This is also a good time of year to check that all your immunizations are up to date.

Promotional Posters

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You can also find more flu vaccination posters at Immunize Canada.