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What’s wrong with this picture? – Final challenge!Jun142016

Our Glove Use Challenge continues…. here is the final set of photos!
You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

GlovesEye GlovesBedpan

Tell us what’s wrong with these pictures, and enter to win a prize. Leave your comments below! (Contest closes June 22 at 10am)

Need a refresher on correct glove use? Click here

You can also view the Week 1Week 2, and Week 3 photos.

Next week, we’ll announce the winners, as well as what was wrong in each photo.

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One Response to “What’s wrong with this picture? – Final challenge!”

  1. Elaine Eng

    1) Touching herself in eye corner will next require her to remove gloves & wash hands after. Can be appropriate use of glove to eye if she knew hands were dirty & needed to tend to eye right immediately. Anyway, apply fresh gloves before patient (pt) care next, if needed.
    2) Appropriate use of blue cover for used bedpan. However, best to hold/secure both bedpan + blue cover together to prevent accidental spills, & blue pad from “flying off” & exposing bedpan contents to others.

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