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What’s wrong with this picture? – Week 3Jun082016

Our Glove Use Challenge continues…. here are this week’s photos!
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GlovesLinen GlovesEquipment

Tell us what’s wrong with these pictures, and enter to win a prize. Leave your comments below!
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8 Responses to “What’s wrong with this picture? – Week 3”

  1. Chr

    I don’t see any reason for wearing gloves in either picture – no body fluids, no broken skin, no mucous membranes, certainly no indication that anyone is on contact precautions.

    And if any of the glove wearers has been in contact with any of the above, then I’d hope that they would have doffed the gloves and washed their hands before touching towels, equipment, files, medication or each other.


    • Name: Chris Johnston
    • Display with Comment: YES
    • Email: christina.johnston@phsa.ca
    • Health Authority: PHSA
  2. Minni K

    Picture 1/2 – no gloves should be worn outside patients room. Never wear gloves outside a patient room or bed space unless transporting contaminated items or when cleaning spills of blood or bodily fluids.
    Picture 2- Gloves are worn outside patients room. The disposable gloves should not be washed or re-used. Gloves should be changed or removed after touching a contaminated environmental surface.

    • Name: Minni K
    • Display with Comment: NO
    • Email: guraman.kalra@phsa.ca
    • Health Authority: PHSA
  3. Clare O'Reilly

    Inappropriate use of gloves by hospital staff and this is very disappointing to see.
    Photo 1: If gloves are clean, then not necessary to handle clean linen. If gloves are dirty, then should NEVER be used to handle clean linen.
    Photo 2: Staff members appear to be wearing gloves outside a patient room/ away from patient bedside. Staff wearing gloves to hold patient chart. Staff should NEVER wear soiled gloves when handling patient chart. Staff member appears to be handling a sample container, not clear if sample container is empty or contains patient sample, in the same hand as a patient chart. Staff member is touching another staff member with gloved hand. If the gloves are soiled, then the staff member should NEVER touch another staff member or patient.

    • Name: Clare O'Reilly
    • Display with Comment: NO
    • Email: jebet95@hotmail.com
    • Health Authority: PHSA
  4. Susan

    In neither picture should gloves be worn – obviously clean linen doesn’t require it and the second picture looks more social – definitely not with a patient – might be talking about one but you don’t need gloves for that

    • Name: Susan
    • Display with Comment: NO
    • Email: susan.murray@bcehs.ca
    • Health Authority: Interior Health
  5. Heather

    The use of gloves are not needed for either situation, and if gloves had been in contact with any body fluid prior to their currently pictured usage, there is serious cross contamination happening.

    • Name: Heather
    • Display with Comment: NO
    • Email: haxam@bcgsc.ca
    • Health Authority: PHSA
  6. angela sue

    Gloves should not be worn while touching clean new linen.

    Gloves should not be worn while touching equipment or charts especially while in a group talking and not in direct patient care!

    • Name: angela sue
    • Display with Comment: NO
    • Email: angela.sue@vch.ca
    • Health Authority: Vancouver Coastal Health
  7. Therin Gower

    Gloves are not required for any of the pictured tasks except possibly collecting the urine sample, in which case the wearer should not also be holding the patient chart, but dealing with the sample immediately and performing hand hygiene. Lots of chances for cross contamination and confusion about whether gloves are clean or dirty..

    • Name: Therin Gower
    • Display with Comment: YES
    • Email: Katherine.Gower@bcehs.ca
    • Health Authority: Island Health
  8. Elaine Eng

    LT pic: inappropriate use of gloves as gloves used for direct patient (pt) care & now appeared to have contaminated all clean white towels & potential pt gowns. Also, no need to reach to get towel from middle of pack when can get from top.
    RT pic: 1) Not appropriate use of gloves when holding patient folder/file, yet, appropriately when staff holding temperature checking device.
    2) Not sure if bottle of glucose strips were inside or outside pt’s room; if outside, no need for use of gloves. Appropriate glove use when touching pt’s equipment though.
    3) Risk of contamination when staff standing w/pt file & bottle of strips stood closely behind another staff, who’s holding thermometer device.

    June 18th, 2016

    • Name: Elaine Eng
    • Display with Comment: YES
    • Email: Elaine.Eng@bcehs.ca
    • Health Authority: PHSA

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