Flu vaccinationNov252014

There were several articles in the media this week about this year’s flu vaccine not being as effective. However, according to Danuta Skowronski of BC Centre for Disease Control, there is still cross-protection even when there isn’t a perfect match. Per BC’s provincial influenza policy, healthcare workers must still either get their flu vaccination or wear a mask for the entirety of flu season.

Beginning Monday, December 1, 2014 you will need to have reported your flu immunization or wear a mask in patient care areas during flu season, in order to comply with the Provincial Influenza Control Program Policy.

You can find information for healthcare workers here:

Check your health authority’s intranet for your flu vaccination clinic schedule, and for how to report that you have received your flu shot (most health authorites offer online self-reporting this year).

You can find influenza information resources on this website, as well as posters to promote the flu shot.

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