Teleclass Schedule


Webber Teleclass Education is an international lecture series on infection prevention and control topics. The objective is to bring the best possible infection prevention and control information, to the widest possible audience, with the fewest barriers to access. The Webber Training service is purchased by PICNet and made available to Community of Practice members in British Columbia who have registered for this professional development and educational service. 

You can register by joining our Community of Practice. After you have entered your email address, select ‘Webber Training’ as one of your email notifications, and you will receive monthly updates that also contain the dial-in information.


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Slides will be posted for download 1-2 days before each teleclass. Unless otherwise specified, Webber Teleclasses are from 10:30 am–11:30 am PST. 

The PICNet teleconference line has a maximum number of 30 users. We therefore request that whenever possible, participants from the same facility call in on one line. If you are unable to connect because the line has reached its maximum, you can access the recording 1–2 days after the class. Please note: we do not post all recordings due to file size limitations, but if there is a recording you would like to listen to, please contact us and we will make it available.