The Workplace Audit Training Module uses real life photographs, graphics, interactive activities and video demonstrations to assist health care providers in identifying Infection Control and Occupational Health deficiencies and discusses ways to resolve them. The module discusses the use of a formal workplace audit as well as informal, everyday workplace assessments and how they can both be used to improve the safety of the workplace.

The training consists of four modules:
1. Review basic occupational health concepts
2. Workplace assessments and workplace audits
3. Steps for a formal workplace infection control audit
4. Practice your skills

Each module takes about 10 minutes to complete.


You must complete the BC Infection Control and Hand Hygiene module (and pass the test) before taking this module.

Who should take this course?

This online course was written for any healthcare provider to utilize. It will help them develop awareness for spotting deficiencies and improving their working environment. The focus is on acute care sites; however, those who work in other areas would also benefit from completing the module.

Tracking and Certificates

The training module is hosted on the PHSA Learning Hub, where you can track your courses and print a certificate after completion. Anyone (from any health authority, or from any non-affiliated site) can create an account on the Learning Hub; all you need to provide is your name and an email address. You can find instructions on how to create an account here. (Please note: for any issues with your LearningHub account, including creating/updating your account, completing the modules, and/or printing your certificate, please contact, not PICNet.)

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