The Protect Patti module reviews key principles of occupational health and infection prevention and control, and then presents clinical scenarios to participants. The scenarios are designed to help healthcare workers practice selecting personal protective equipment (PPE) in healthcare settings. (Duration: 25-30 minutes)

The training module is hosted on the PHSA Learning Hub, where you can track your courses and print a certificate after completion (certificates are not available from the PICNet site). Anyone (from any health authority, or from any non-affiliated site) can create an account on the Learning Hub; all you need to provide is your name and an email address. You can find instructions on how to create an account here. Please note: for any issues with your LearningHub account, including creating/updating your account, completing the modules, and/or printing your certificate, please contact, not PICNet. Thanks!

Protect Patti was developed by the Government of Canada, the Pan American Health Organization, the University of British Columbia, and Vancouver Coastal Health.

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