Education & Training

The Provincial Infection Control Network (PICNet) is committed to supporting the infection control community of practice by:

  • Identifying and recommending best practices in infection control
  • Improving awareness around infection control and accessibility to education and training
  • Improving coordination and collaboration through professional development and networking opportunities
  • Assisting and participating in surveillance activities

With these objectives in mind, PICNet provides and/or purchases a variety of educational and professional development tools and opportunities. 

Calendar of Events

Monthly calendar of Infection Control educational workshops, webinars, etc.

Conferences & Events

Information about PICNet's Educational Conference, workshops, and other events.

Education Modules

Online education modules

Toolkits & Resources

CRGNB Toolkit, CDI Toolkit, Hand Hygiene Resources, National Infection Control Week

Webber Training

International lecture series on infection prevention and control topics offered by teleconference.

Education Links

Links to Education Related Websites, Course, Programs, Certification and Pamphlets