Wednesday March 2, 2016: Pre-conference workshop

Information on the Education Day, including slides and references, can be found here.

Thursday March 3, 2016: Main Conference Day 1

Time Topic   Presenter
8:30–8:40 Welcome and Opening Remarks   Linda Hoang, PICNet Co-Director
8:40–9:00 Update on PICNet PDFdl Bruce Gamage
9:00–9:45 Workplace Happiness PDFdl Tracy Norman
Management Development Advisor, Vancouver Coastal Health
10:15–11:30 Clostridium difficile infection surveillance: Applying the case definition  PDFdl

Tara Donovan
Epidemiologist, Fraser Health

11:35–12:20 Construction conundrums: an ICP perspective of building a new hospital PDFdl Jim Gauthier
1:20–2:05 How did it get to there from here? Understanding transmission from whole genome sequencing. PDFdl Dr. Linda Hoang
Medical Microbiologist, BCCDC; Co-Director, PICNet
2:10–2:55 Human factors engineering and its role in infection prevention PDFdl Dr. Elizabeth Bryce
Medical Microbiolgist, Vancouver Coastal Health; Co-Director, PICNet
3:25–4:10 Ways of communicating with healthcare workers: the old, the new, the tried… and the untried PDFdl Helen Evans
Communications Officer, PICNet


Friday March 4, 2016: Main Conference Day 2

Time Topic   Speaker
8:30–9:15 My day as a housekeeper: observations and recommendations PDFdl

Jim Gauthier

Reference article: Quaternary Ammonium Disinfectant Issues Encountered In An Environmental Services Department

9:15–10:00 Fecal Microbiota Therapy: not just another crap shoot PDFdl Dr. Ted Steiner
Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases, UBC
10:30–11:15 Engaging and influencing physicians PDFdl Dr. Victor Leung
Medical Microbiologist, Infectious Disease Physician, Providence Health Care
11:20–12:05 Molecular epidemiology of Clostridium difficile infection in British Columbia PDFdl Dr. Agatha Jassem
Senior Scientist, BCCDC Public Health Laboratory; Clinical Instructor, University of British Columbia
1:05–1:50 What healthcare providers can do to promote antibiotic stewardship PDFdl Dr. Jennifer Grant
Medical Microbiologist, Infectious Disease Physician, Vancouver Coastal Health

Short & Snappy Presentations:

  Back where it belongs: incorporating infection control practices into patient care simulations PDFdl Shirley Clarke, Faculty, School of Health Sciences, Vancouver Community College
  Learning through metaphor: the Sherlock Holmes way PDFdl Eleanor Elston, ICP, Island Health
  Chain of infection from construction perspective and a construction “Risk Assessment Matrix” PDFdl Tahir Joseph, Education and Training Coordinator, Fraser Health Authority
  Process to facilitate transfers/ admissions to residential care facilities under viral GI and RI outbreak measures PDFdl Noorsallah Esmail, IPC Consultant, and Jacqui Hlagi, IPC Consultant, Fraser Health
  PowToons: using cartoon videos to improve communications with staff about reprocessing medical devices  View Janet Bristeir, Coordinator for Reprocessing Practices Improvememt Program, Vancouver Coastal Health
  Glowing Ambulances: cleaning and disinfection in emergency service vehicles PDFdl

Lisa Young
Leader, Infection Prevention and Control, BC Emergency Health Services


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