To celebrate this theme of 2016’s National Infection Control Week, Infection Control Professionals: The Core of Infection Prevention and Control, all the BC Health Authorities are ran features or news stories about their IPAC. (Although we’d like to add that at PICNet, we believe everyone is at the core of infection prevention!) You can read about what each of the health authorities did on this page.

Thanks to all of you — in every area of health care — for all that you do to help prevent infections!

Infection Control Week takes place October 17-23, 2016, and PICNet has lots of activities and resources available:

Toolkit2016thumbWPadding1. Planning and Communications Toolkit

To help you plan your IC Week activities and promotion, you can use PICNet’s downloadable toolkit, which contains a planning/resources template, 20 different activities to choose from, and communications tools such as sample newsletters, blog posts, and tweets.

ArrowRed Download the Toolkit

2. “Let’s Go Viral!” Workshop In-A-Box

Run your own training workshop with this educational game that PICNet has created to help you train your staff in infection control basics. The game is also a great team-building exercise! Order or download the Let’s Go Viral kit.

3. Residential Care Visits

PICNet will be visiting residential care facilities throughout the Lower Mainland during October and November. If you’d like us to visit your facility, the sign-up information will be posted during summer.

4. Promotional Posters

Download posters and banners to promote your activities.

5. Infection Control Resources

More ideas, games, and downloadable resources for IC week.

6. Other Resources and Links

IPAC-Canada has lots of great planning resources for Infection Control Week.

Public Health Ontario has produced a great book of ideas for IC Week activities.