PICNet supports Change Day BC

What drew you to healthcare?  What ignites your passion?  What step – big or small – could you take to make our system better for your patients or residents?


The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, together with a growing number of partners, is facilitating a grassroots movement to engage, energize and mobilize positive action for change. On October 15, 2015 (15.10.15) they are inviting you to take that step by committing to making a change or trying something new.  We hope you’ll join us and make a pledge for your patients, residents, colleagues, staff, volunteers, visitors – or yourself!

The Change Day campaign started within England’s National Health Service, where pledges included leading a healthier lifestyle, spending a day in a wheelchair to better understand a patient’s challenges, tasting medicine to appreciate why children complain about its taste, and introducing oneself to patients – the phenomenal #hellomynameis campaign.

Pledges can be big or small. They can be related to any topic of your choice. They are voluntary and a personal commitment to changing care for the better. You can even do a group pledge! It’s as easy as recording your pledge online at changedaybc.ca and acting on that pledge.

Even seemingly small pledges can have a positive effect. When combined with all of the other pledges, we can create a tremendous wave of improvement that ripples throughout our organization and system. 

Change-Day-2015-Logo-smThe “event date” is October 15th… but you can start pledging now… and acting on your pledge!

Look at the great pledges rolling in from BC!