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International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW)
takes place October 14-20, 2018, and

National Infection Control Week (NICW – Canada) takes place October 15-19, 2018.

PICNet has lots of activities and resources available below:

1. Planning and Communications Toolkit

To help you plan your IC Week activities and promotion, you can use PICNet’s downloadable toolkit, which contains a planning/resources template, 20 different activities to choose from, and communications tools such as sample newsletters and social media posts.

ArrowRed Download the 2018 Toolkit

2. Posters and banners

PICNet has lots of infection control posters you can download and print – including some new ones!

ArrowRed Go to posters page

You can also download the web and social media graphics below by right-clicking and choosing Save As.
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International Infection Prevention Week





National Infection Control Week



3. Brochures

PICNet has downloadable brochures for staff, patients, and visitors.


4. “Let’s Go Viral!” Workshop In-A-Box

Run your own training workshop with this educational game that PICNet has created to help you train your staff in infection control basics. The game is also a great team-building exercise! You can also download posters to promote your event.

  Order or download the Let’s Go Viral kit.

Click to view posters.

We have two poster sizes: letter size (8.5×11 inches) or 11×17. Right click and choose “Save link as” to download.

Letter-sized: 11×17 inches:
LGVposterGameshow11x17 LGVposterGameshow11x17



5. Education Modules

Do your staff need a refresher in Infection Control? Or do you have new staff? PICNet has many online education modules at picnet.ca/education/education-modules/

6. Infection Control Resources

More ideas, games, and downloadable resources for IC week.

7. Other Resources and Links

IPAC-Canada has lots of great planning resources for Infection Control Week.

APIC has some great infection control posters; although they are American, the content applies equally in Canada (just check with your IC department before posting, in case they prefer to have Canadian-created posters).

Webber Training has many free, downloadable posters.