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BCCDC Emerging Respiratory Virus (ERV) BulletinMar032017

The substantial increase in human cases of avian influenza A(H7N9) in China, to which BCCDC alerted you earlier this year, continues. Highlights: During this fifth wave beginning in October 2016, the number of human A(H7N9) cases reported in China has surpassed the number of cases reported in any of the four prior waves since the virus… Read more »

Emerging Respiratory Virus Update: Avian flu, novel influenza, and MERS-CoVJan202016

From BCCDC: MAIN MESSAGES Human infections with avian influenza of various novel subtypes (H7N9, H5N6, H9N2, H5N1) have been reported from China recently, notably H7N9 for which a fourth wave of human cases is currently underway. As previously emphasized, avian influenza viruses, like humanized strains, show winter seasonality. Prior human infections with avian influenza H7N9… Read more »

Emerging Respiratory Virus UpdateMar022015

From the BC Centre for Disease Control, February 27, 2015: There are a number of recent trends in the field of emerging respiratory viruses (ERV), including: 1.         Upswing in MERS-CoV reports from the Middle East, primarily Saudi Arabia, since December 2014. a.         In the context of the dramatic surge in MERS-CoV that occurred during the… Read more »

Emerging respiratory-borne viruses update from BCCDCNov062014

Below is an update from BCCDC on emerging respiratory-borne viruses (ERV), including details related to: Increase in MERS-CoV cases in September and October 2014 primarily in Saudi Arabia and linked to camel contact. Subsequent amplification through human-to-human spread within the nosocomial setting is reminiscent of SARS. Also in October, a travel-related MERS-CoV case has been… Read more »