The Management Office spearheads the development of PICNet’s short and long-term priorities, direction, annual objectives and indicators of success. The Management Office provides ongoing support to the Advisory Committee, Working Groups and other Committees.

PICNet also has two Medical Co-Leads, Drs. Hoang and Bryce. The Medical Leads provide clinical and academic leadership in support of PICNet’s strategic goals and coordination of the integrated network of infection prevention and control stakeholders  throughout the province. They also provides advice to PICNet staff regarding operational issues, policy, programs and projects.

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Dr. Linda Hoang, MD, MSc, DTM&H, FRCPC
Medical Microbiologist, Program Head, Public Health Advanced Bacteriology/ Mycology Lab, BCCDC Public Health Laboratory;
Co-Medical Lead, PICNet  

Tara Donovan
Tara Leigh Donovan, MSc
Network Director
(Maternity leave)

Joanne Archer, RN, BTech, MA, CIC
Acting Network Director











Angeli Mitra, MSc, CIC 
Education and Practice Coordinator 

Dr. Guanghong Han, PhD 
Surveillance Epidemiologist 
Romi Ranasinghe, MPH
Surveillance Systems Coordinator