With the cooperation and collaboration of all health authorities, PICNet’s Working Groups and Committees create opportunities for infection control specialists to work together to identify priorities and solutions for important infection prevention and control issues across the province.

Together these professionals provide recommendations to support a consistent, effective approach to healthcare associated infection prevention, control and surveillance. Provincially focused, PICNet also contributes to national and international initiatives aimed at improving health outcomes.

Standing Committees

Guidelines Steering Committee

Lead: Joanne Archer
In September of 2009 the Guidelines Steering Committee was formed to ensure that PICNet developed guidelines have used appropriate methodology and the best available research in their conception and development. This group meets several times a year to review the work currently being undertaken by guidelines working groups.

Surveillance Steering Committee

Lead: Dr. Guanghong Han
In June 2009, the CDI surveillance system went live, as the Health Authorities began uploading data into the PICNet data repository. The CDI Surveillance Working Group transformed into the Surveillance Steering Committee to address BC’s need for an Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) surveillance program. The surveillance program was later expanded to include MRSA, CPO, and Hand Cleaning Compliance. The committee includes representatives from each Health Authority, who voluntarily contribute to the development and expansion of the province-wide surveillance program.

Education Steering Committee

Lead: Angeli Mitra
The Education Steering Committee was formed in August 2010 to guide PICNet’s education initiatives, including the programming of the annual educational conference, and educational modules available on the LearningHub.